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How to Grow:
Your Business Accounting Solutions Partner in Dallas

As one of the top providers of business accounting solutions in Dallas, we’re dedicated to offering exceptional financial services tailored to your unique needs. Our expert team works diligently to ensure your business success and peace of mind.

  • Comprehensive business accounting solutions and financial records management
  • Personalized strategies for business, contractor, and individual tax planning, accounting, and business consulting. Accurate and affordable.
  • Unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and success

Our Story

A Legacy of Accounting Excellence and Entrepreneurial Spirit

DASG was founded by industry veterans who spent decades honing their expertise at leading business accounting solutions firms. Passionate about entrepreneurship, our founders recognized the need for specialized accounting services tailored to fellow entrepreneurs, service businesses, family businesses, independent contractors, and established companies alike.

Today, we carry on this legacy, providing exceptional tax preparation, accounting, and tax planning services to our valued clients. Our team is driven by the same entrepreneurial spirit that inspired our inception, ensuring we remain committed to fostering growth and success for businesses throughout the Dallas area.


Avg tax rate of small businesses in the US.

$114 Billion

Amount owned in back taxes, penalties & interest in 2020


of business owners say taxes & bookkeeping are the worst parts of owning a business.

Let us take away your frustration, financial mistakes, and overspending on taxes.
We can move you to more confidence and peace of mind.


Meet Our Expert Team


Discover the skilled professionals behind our exceptional services. At DASG, our dedicated team of experts combines extensive industry experience with a passion for helping businesses and entrepreneurs succeed by aligning the right mix of business accounting solutions and know-how. Get to know the talented individuals who make our firm stand out.

“As a 1099 contractor, managing my finances used to be daunting. But since partnering with DASG, I’ve seen a significant improvement in my financial organization and tax savings. Their expertise and tailored approach have truly made a difference in my life.”

Samantha K.

Independent Consultant


“Running a plumbing business comes with financial challenges, but DASG has been a game-changer for us. Their expert guidance and customized approach to accounting have allowed our company to grow and focus on providing excellent service to our clients.”

Mike J.

President & CEO


“As a high-tech entrepreneur, DASG delivers top-notch accounting services and demonstrates its innovative mindset by staying ahead of the curve. Partnering with them has been instrumental in our company’s growth and success.”

Sohil S.


young entrepreneur